The significance of screw barrels in the extrusion and moulding industry.

The industrial revolution changed the world as we know it in the last millennia, and has been rapidly flourishing ever since. The world has come a long way from generic industries to highlight specialised and varied ones. With each passing day, the necessity for dedicated inputs grows, and their importance in the global supply chain cannot be emphasized adequately. Here, we will be taking a look at the significance of screws in extrusion and injection moulding industries, especially stuff like a blow moulding screw barrel, and likewise. So, let’s start.


The significance of screw barrels. 

A screw barrel, a collective term used to denote several specialized pieces of equipment, is a critical component of the plastics processing industry and is primarily used for extrusion and moulding operations. The industry calls for a wide array of tailor-made machinery for each and every purpose, and there is no one-size-fits-all screw barrel. The materials also differ from one barrel to the other as a nitrided screw barrel differs in properties from a bimetallic screw barrel. Now, let us take a look at this extended family of screw barrels in a cursory manner. 

  • Conical twin screw barrel- A stalwart of the PVC moulding industry, a conical twin screw barrel is extensively used in the manufacturing of PVC pipes, sheets, profiles, and PVC films. Unlike other screw barrels, they can be highly optimized to suit the grades of PVC being used. For a screw barrel to properly function, the tolerances must be precisely tested for any anomalies before installation. Manufacturers supply a report of the inspection process and the material certificate that was used to craft the screw barrel.

  • Blow moulding screw barrel- A blow moulding screw barrel is widely employed in the manufacturing of plastic PVC commodities like food containers, dairy and milk containers, toys, and much more. Their useful application in this industry is virtually unrivalled and influences our daily lives in more ways than we can ever realise. Just like the conical twin screw barrels, a blow moulding screw barrel is manufactured with great precision, while keeping tolerances in mind. The island of JinTang in China is the main manufacturing centre, so much so that the region is colloquially recognized as the island of screws. 

  • Parallel twin screw barrel- With their usage booming in the international markets, the parallel twin screw barrels are a crucial component of extrusion pieces of machinery that are engaged in the largescale manufacturing of foam, sheets, tubes, etc. Primarily manufactured on the island of JinTang, these are manufactured and tested with great precision so that they can handle the rigours of the manufacturing process. 

  • Bimetallic screw barrels- One of the main concerns plaguing screw barrels is the issue of corrosion and abrasions. This is where a bimetallic screw barrel comes into play since they are well-suited to handle the tortures of the manufacturing processes while ensuring a long usable life. 

  • Nitrided screw barrel- A perennial part of the pure plastic and general-purpose manufacturing procedures, a nitrided screw barrel is optimized to perform efficiently under challenging conditions while offering extremely high tolerances against corrosion, rust, abrasions, and other detriments. These screws can range in sizes up to 10 metres in length, making them some of the largest to come out of the island of JinTang. 

  • Rubber screw barrel- For a firm engaged in the manufacturing of rubber and other rubberized commodities, a rubber screw barrel is a ubiquitous part of the manufacturing process. Ranging in sizes of up to 500 mm, these have proliferated the industries manufacturing tires, sheets, pipes, cables, etc. A rubber screw barrel can be availed of in both bimetallic and nitrided configurations, and would certainly be a good addition to any production unit. 

  • Tube extrusion screw barrel- Both industries and domestics extensively use pipes and tubes, and this is where a tube extrusion screw barrel comes in. These make the pipe extrusion process a simple one and come in both bimetallic and nitrided constructions. The island region of JinTang is a hotbed of innovations related to these screws and one can source high-quality components from the region for their industry. The companies ensure the fact that each and every tube extrusion screw barrel is precisely manufactured and certified. They even go to the extent of tracking and monitoring each one right from their material procurement to their shipping.

  • The various extruder parts- No machinery isn’t a single unit in itself and requires a number of additional components to make them function in the desired manner. Companies in JinTang that are engaged in the manufacturing of screw barrels and extruders also craft various extruder parts like nozzles, moulds, screw tips, and mixers so that clients can enjoy a one-stop shopping experience, and do not have to rely on multiple incompatible components. 


Final take:

Screw barrels, be they bimetallic or nitrided screw barrel, is a critical part of the extrusion and moulding industry ecosystem. They are precision machinery that needs to be expertly constructed. It is advisable that you do your homework before picking one up for your business. 

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