Starting a Business While Employed: How to Do It?

When it comes to starting your own business, nothing can stop you.

Many solo entrepreneurs fall back on the idea for fear of employers.

What if the employer terminates me?

What if I lose my full-time job? 

These things constantly affect the decision and the business initiation.

If you are earning a handsome income and still left with some time to dedicate to business hours, you can leverage the best of both worlds.

Initially, you can choose to keep the business small by dedicating a few hours. When you reach a point where you find yourself earning more than full-time employment, you can switch to full-time entrepreneurship.

The article talks about starting your business gradually and meeting employment deadlines.

6 Tips to Start Your Business While Working Full-Time

Around 3.2 million individuals in the UK think about starting their businesses, which is quite a considerable number if one looks from a broader perspective.

The problem is that one cannot quit a full-time job to start a business; it takes anywhere from 6 months to years to establish a business.

 One requires arranging funds and meeting monthly installment loan repayments simultaneously. 

An aspiring business owner can seek a no-credit-check loan from direct lenders. It is readily available to business owners in the UK. 

These thoughts keep one dwindling between “to be and not to be.”

Here is how you can manage your business and employment:

  • Start it small 

Regardless of how passionate you are about establishing your business, it is always better to start small. In addition, full-time employment can lead to health problems if you take on too much stress. Just make steady moves without skipping a day; it will help you avoid mistakes in the journey and eventually grab the right place.

It will help you gauge exciting ideas and experiments and grant flexibility to implement good ones without worrying about the money.

Keeping your job while paying attention to your business is a safe way to keep your family covered for their needs and save for business.

  • Create a business plan and schedule

It would be best if you prioritized time and the activities you do within that time frame. Unlike other business owners, you share time constraints. Being specific about your goals and steps to take is critical.

Create a business plan. Begin with a rough blueprint. Map out everything in as detail as possible. It may take you some good hours, but worth it. Improvise your schedule and work towards utilizing that limited time frame working on one aspect at a time.

Make a schedule for a week. When you know what to do, you progress better. Start small and work on small parameters.  

On another side, even if you are free and do not know how to begin, it would be a waste of time. Set your priorities straight. The primary reason for the success of famous entrepreneurs is discipline and consistency.

It is why they have a tight schedule and prefer no distractions during that phase. Thus, utilize every second of your idle time to build your business. All it takes is- CONSISTENCY, and a NEVER GIVE UP attitude to defy the odds. 

  • Save your side income and re-invest

Saving a good part of your regular and business income is a great way to keep up with the momentum. Your business is a passive income source until you get the right tangent. 

It will help you meet urgent business and personal expenses and set your business as a progressive idea.

Having a stable income and generating goods from a business makes you an ideal candidate in the lender’s eye. Lenders analyze the income bracket of a business before lending. 

So, if you earn well from employment and business, you may qualify for a business loan without trouble.

Business and finance leaders get the loan approved quickly as the lender shares security if any of them defaults on the loan.

Thus, earning and saving for your current and future requirements is critical. To work on your plan, you need capital.

  • Ensure a healthy work-life balance 

Working a full-time job and then dedicating good hours to designing business proposals cost you your family life. Never sabotage that. 

Take time out and bump into your family responsibilities.

 Take a random check on your wife and kids. It is okay to sometime get a bit loose on your business and employment obligations. When it is the family call, attend it, no matter what. It will help your loved ones feel secure and satisfied; you will also love relaxing in the company.

  • Outsource important tasks if possible


The best way to manage your business without compromising on progress is by outsourcing the operations. Check and analyze all operations you can manage on your end and outsource the rest.

You can outsource everything from leveraging the expertise of the best digital marketers to accountants to planning your finances. To build the best outsourcing team, you must invest some time in research. Outsourcing most of the redundant tasks helps you concentrate on essential business concepts and strategies.

The option may seem captivating and all-encompassing, but you must have the capital to support the outsourcing cost. Analyze your current finances and spending, and check whether you are left with some flexibility and additional capital apart from meeting obligations.

If yes, you can consider the aspect and free up most of the time. Apart from that, you can also invest in building relationships with outsourcing companies and create new connections.


  • Never sabotage your career to start a business. 

Being enthusiastic about your passion is one thing but sabotaging your career in line is not acceptable. Your career is a safety net, so it should be your priority. If you are gaining good experience from the existing firm, it is ideal for concentrating and sharpening your skills for a while.

Instead of jumping into the mainstream, experiment with your skills and capabilities. Learn different techniques to do a single thing. It is how you progress. Prepare yourself to manage future business challenges. You must maintain a company ethic and avoid any conflicts at work.

It is ideal to notify your employer of the business idea. Many employers are supportive and encourage by helping them build a network. He may help if you need urgent money now in the UK. Never work on the business during office time, and prioritize both separately.


Bottom Line 

These are some ways to start your business apart from ensuring your enthusiasm towards the employer. You can run a business; all you need is planning and time management.


Description:  Many individuals find themselves stuck with initiating business and working full-time, and here is a stress-free way to gain momentum and launch a business.

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