Spy Microphone App: Monitoring House Workers Was Never that Easy Before

My mother has spent a lavish life back in England. So when he married my father, he tried his best to fulfil all of her requirements in the best possible way. After his death, though there has been some mismanagement still my mother found her way out.  But a few months ago she called me and asked me to find her a reliable house worker. Her social life has been kind of doubled since my father passed as she tries to pass maximum time outside the house in the company of others.  Finding house workers is easy because of the so-called working agencies and groups but finding a reliable and trustworthy one is hard. I contacted an agency and they started sending the people for an interview. 

  • Over 4000 people are currently working as domestic help in the United States of America. 
  • My mother wanted a lady worker and most of the agencies had men as approximately 64.7% of house workers are male and 35.3% are females according to zippia.com

At first, she was way thorough that she even sent some workers back right from the door. She is difficult most of the time but I did not know that she would do that to the workers. So after receiving the complaint call from the agency I had a chat with her. She understood but still, she did not hire anyone in the first few weeks and when the agency was almost tiring out she selected one girl. She had a vibrant personality and I thought maybe that would positively help the mother. But things slowly started taking a wrong turn. She told me that sometimes her belonging are misplaced and according to my mother spider senses the worker was even letting her guest into the house in her absence. This and many other complaints could be cleared in one and only one way i.e through the use of a OgymMogy spy app. So my mother bought a cellphone and gave it to her as an employee. She told me she is going to use the spy microphone app feature to find out what in reality is happening.  

Ladies and gentlemen if you are one of those people like me who have no idea that there are even such apps in the market that let the employer spy on the work-related activities of the employees then you are not alone. When I listened to her plan for a moment I thought that she has complete;y lost it. How is it even possible that such spy apps exist and no one has taken action against them? Well for my knowledge and understanding I did research. Here are some of the things that I found out about the spy microphone app in general and the OgyMogy in particular.

  • The OgyMogy spy app that offers two major kinds of services to its users. First is the employee monitoring for keeping a strict eye on the employee’s work and the second is parental control.
  • The spy microphone app is one interesting feature in terms of employee monitoring. The feature bugs the microphone of the target gadget thus the user of the spy app can listen to all the sounds and voices around the target employee through the microphone of the target device. 
  • My mother used the feature to keep a check on the house worker. Turned out she was letting her 3 years old kid in the house in her absence. Sometimes she used the kitchen to make food for herself as well. My mother did not feel bothered after finding out about these things but some findings were troubling. For example, she was into my mother’s wardrobe and even tried one dress or two. The spy microphone app was not the only feature my mother was using as an employer as she liked the camera bug offered by the OgyMogy spy app the most. 

 One major condition for using the spy app for employee monitoring is that an employer can only use the spying service on the company-owned gadgets. It is only legal to use features like spy microphone apps, GPS location tracking or any other features for employees through the company-owned device. My mother knew the legal complexities thus she got her a phone specifically for this purpose.  


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