It is an unforgettable experience to fly and is enhanced by you are facing high winds.there are numerous ways to fly and experience the world from the air, however there is no other sport that provides microlight. It offers enjoyment and comfort simultaneously time.Simply say, microlight flight occurs in an aircraft with two seats. But, they are more complicated than. 

With the triangular wing at the top and an engine, they permit passengers to fly hundreds of feet high above the ground.The primary appeal to Microlight Aviation is that its different from other activities that require air, like paragliding gliders and skydiving. Participants can sit comfortably in their seats and have a pilotage.

It is now a standard source of entertainment all over the world.now,You are able to participate in the microlight flights and find out why it is now the new trend. If you’re an adrenaline junkie and want to explore new activities, you should try at minimum the one flight in a microlight Once.Bangalore,one of the largest cities in India, is more than just an IT hub for this country.this is also an adventure-oriented city that has a lot to offer as an array of exciting activities that are within and around it.other than the traditional sports like climbing, trekking and caving, a wide range of sports offered by aerosports are offered in Bangalore is also a draw for tourists from close and far.One one of the most thrilling aerial sports is microlight flying.


Flying in Bangalore

Try the microlight which is flying in Bangalore, you will an amazing view of Bangalore from a distance that is thousands feet.When you’re higher than ground, you will be able to take aerial photos of the numerous lakes within Bangalore. The aircrafts that fly are an established brand that is used across the globe. They are renowned for their stability and are considered to be extremely safe.As when you are seated in the co-pilot’s seat you’ll be able to be able to view everything.You could even look around to observe what’s going on going on around. Microlight flights in Bangalore is possible at any time of the week.

On weekdays, the program is available between 6:30 a.m.to 9:15 p.m.If you’d like to do the activity on weekends, you can take part anytime during the day from 6:30 am and 9:45 am.So take your pick of the time that you prefer, and enjoy the thrilling experience of flying in a microlight. No matter if you’re located in Bangalore for a vacation or official travel or reside in a beautiful city, make time for the adventure.What can be an ideal opportunity to get away from the routine and be able to do something different and entrepreneurial.

The best part is that there is no age limit to fly:

It is all you have to do is have the physical fit.A parent has to sign the Compensation form for a minor.Just some formalities and you’re ready to board your plane and take a Microlight flight in Bangalore.


Micro light plane operators allow joy rides.Individuals can book a slot and fly with the pilot.During the ride,the basics of flying will be explained to the passenger and the passengers will be allowed to perform some simple maneuvers such as making a turn, increasing/decreating altitude etc.


Microlight flights are is operating at Jakkur airport, off the road to the airport in north Bengaluru


A typical flight lasts 10 to 15 minutes with taxiing time.The duration in the air could be between 7 and 10 minutes.The time of flight will differ based on the package you choose to purchase as well as other factors like the weather.

OTHER ADVICE Other things to consider

Weight restrictions might apply.Children are not permitted to fly.Shoes should be recommended.Flight is dependent on favorable weather conditions, visibility, and clearance from ATC. Photography/videography restrictions may apply for security reasons.The morning is the best time to fly subtle light aircraft due to favorable wind conditions.


You can take a flight close to Jakkur Airport, which overlooks Jakkur Lake and Nagawara Lake. The flight takes place at an altitude of around 3700-4000 feet. The weather decides when and at what height you can fly.

What is the most convenient time to fly:

Late evening and early morning are thought to be the ideal time to fly microlights in Bangalore.The aircraft is able to handle winds up to 17 knots. But, the less speed of the wind the more enjoyable the flight.

Are there any medical or Physical requirements:

The physical requirements required to participate in these kinds of sports in Bangalore are similar to normal commercial flights. If you’ve taken previously or are physically fit and are physically fit, you could take an experience in microlights.


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