Caring for a Shaved Head

Every year thousands of men and women shave their hair for various reasons, but one impactful and motivating hypothesis is of people shaving their heads on St. Baldrick’s day. People shave their heads on this day to support and care for cancer patients and to stand in solidarity with them. You may be one of them who finds this particular event worth participating in and must be shaving your hair to extend your support. However, apart from such inspirational motives, there can also be many other situations and reasons that influence someone’s decision to head shaving. And the step towards head shaving is quite simple, just run a bald head shaver across your dome, and you are good to go.  


But along with a professional Head Shaver what is essential is to have an idea of the aftercare of the shaved head. You might have been shaving your hair for ages or are planning to shave off the manes recently, the one thing that often misses the grooming plan is caring for the shaved dome. 


If you think that you shaved off the hair and it is over, then my friend you are wrong! A shaved dome too requires a lot of care and nourishment for a healthy appearance. Here are some exclusive tips that could help in maintaining the shaved head.


  • Most people believe that with a shaved head they can ditch the shampoo, however, this is not true. The smaller hairs in the shaved head might be invisible to you but they require regular cleaning to remove the dirt, oil, and sweat that could build up to create a bad scalp. It is very important to maintain a clean and well-groomed scalp to achieve a healthy dome. And so it is better to invest in shampoos and conditioners rather than using soap for the dome, as soaps tend to dry up the skin.


  • Hydration and moisturization are a must for a shaved head. Make sure you are oiling your scalp regularly as the exposed skin of the head will have a drying effect due to exposure to various pollutants. Invest in an after-shave lotion that will help the skin relax after a shaving endeavor. In addition, shop for a natural after-shave serum to avoid the use of parabens and chemicals that can be harsh on the skin. 


  • When you are shaving off the manes, your scalp becomes unshielded and is exposed to direct sunlight. So, to protect the skin of the head from tanning and the harmful effects of sunlight, it is essential to use a high SPF sunscreen. The sunscreen will protect the scalp from sunlight and pollution. In addition, you can also start using a cap while being outdoor.


  • Opting for a head massage from an expert is highly recommended as it promotes blood flow and stimulates the scalp. And if you are looking forward to growing back your hair then a head massage is very necessary because it encourages hair growth. 


  • Your shaved dome can be the result of any situation or commitment, but improper shaving can spoil the overall appearance of the shaved dome. And considering the benefits of using a proper having tool, it is best to use a bald head shaver during the shaving endeavor. 


  • Before shaving the head it is best to use some pre-shave oil for a smooth shave. It offers a soothing effect and prevents bumps while shaving. As much as after-shave care is important, so is it essential to take necessary precautions before shaving the head. You must understand that head shaving is similar to facial hair shaving and yet different and so following the guidelines for head shaving is a must to avoid injuries and achieve a smooth appearance.


If you are someone who has an experience with a bald head, you must know that the biggest concerns of a bald head are dryness and dandruff. Experts explain that the shaved head is exposed to direct sunlight which makes it susceptible to sun damage that causes dryness. Maintaining a bald head is not a child’s play and requires little but proper grooming habits. Hair stylists and experts suggest that balancing the hydration and moisturization of the scalp is very essential to flaunt a shaved dome. A dry or unhealthy dome won’t look attractive and the appearance will be negatively affected. Make sure you are investing in the right products for your shaved dome to be able to exhibit the new look in a stylish appearance.


Final Word

From the use of the right shaving tool to the proper after-shave products, all of these contribute to the proper care and maintenance of the shaved dome. Begin your care regime by buying a Head Shaver and then move on to follow the scalp care tips for a healthy and nourished scalp. When you are shaving your manes, you are accepting the hairless head at least for a few weeks, and for that, you must make sure that your shaved dome is presentable and well-groomed to keep your fashion goals on top.

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