Bir & Billing: A Complete Experiential Travel Guide

Bir & Billing: A Complete Experiential Travel Guide

Bir & Billing: A Complete Experiential Travel Guide

A tiny town located in northern Himachal Pradesh; Bir Billing is situated against the
great Indian Himalayan Dhauladhar range. Known for its distinctive Tibetan tradition
and its spiritual monasteries, Bir Billing is a place that can calm and heal you
spiritually, mentally, and physically. Although bir and Billing are two different places,
they are so closely related and situated that visiting just one place without visiting the
other is nearly impossible. This is also because, Bir Billing being famous for its
paragliding, has its landing site situated in Bir while the take-off is done at Billing.
This little town is the perfect choice if you are looking for an easy escape of 2-3 days.
Activities to do at Bir Billing
Paragliding: Whenever one plans Bir Billing, paragliding is the first thought that
comes to mind. Getting to experience a bird’s eye view of the beautiful valleys and
hilltops is pacifying. If you are a beginner, you will get to enjoy tandem flights
whereas in case you are a certified piolet then you will get the opportunity of taking
your glider and flying it on your own. Usually, a 20-25 min flight will cost you around
INR 2500, and if you want you may also rent a camera for a small additional fee. The
best season to experience this is from September to November.

Go Camping at Billing
If you are not interested in paragliding, then camping is the perfect way for you to
enjoy your vacation here. Places like the Rajgundha Trek offer various camping

grounds where you can enjoy views of the majestic mountains or can see the sky
change its color to various shades of pink creating a stunning backdrop. In addition
to this, at Billing, you can see various people preparing to fly in tandem, and trust
me, watching them people run and climb hilltops is quite enjoyable.

Visit the Waterfall at Bangoru
The Bangoru Waterfall is situated about 4.5 km away from the famous Tibetan
colony. The views of this place are stunning and it is a perfect place for you to take
candid pictures with an amazing backdrop that you can later post and show off on
your social media. The route to this waterfall will that you towards the Gunehar
village which again is a place with stunning views of hills and mountains.
Volunteering at the Dharmalaya Institute
Dharmalaya institute is a non-profit organization that serves education, service, and
a more sustainable lifestyle focusing on sustainable community development. It also
promotes contemplative learning and immersive ecotourism. Here, various
workshops and meditation retreats are organized that offer participants to get
engaged in organic farming, tree planting, and green job skills training for the

Tatwani Thermal springs
Also known as Tattapani, Tatwani thermal springs is a renowned sulfur hot spring
that has a temperature that can reach up to 65 degrees Celsius. This water is said to
be rehabilitative and can offer you great relief if you are suffering from joint pain or
any skin ailments. This spring is a meditative, religious as well as a fun experience,
so, if you are visiting Bir Billing then this thermal spring is a must-have experience.
Some other places to visit in Bir Billing
Bir Billing is no sort of place to visit. Being here you can visit the famous Tibetan
colony which is a Tibetan refugee settlement and is full of various monasteries
representing various traditions. The deer park institute is another place worth giving
a visit. It is the center for the study of classical Indian wisdom traditions. Some other
places that you should visit are Sherabling Monastery, Rajgundha Valley, Tsering
Jong Monastery, Dzongar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro Institute, and Chokling Monastery

How to reach Bir Billing?
By road: Bir Billing is 68 km away from Gaggal, 180 km from Manali, 200 km from
Shimla, 280 km from Chandigarh, 500 km from Delhi, and just 50 km from

Dharamshala which means it is well connected to these cities through roadways.
You can also choose to travel by public buses that are available in plenty from Delhi
to Bir and vice versa.
By railway: Ahju Railway station, which is about 3 km away, is the nearest railway
station to Bir. Another is the Pathankot Railway station that connects Bir to other
major cities.
By air: there is no direct link to Bir through the air. One has to travel via Kangra-
Gaggal Airport, which is connected to the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. This
airport is about 70 km away from Bir, 12 km from Dharamshala, and about 14 km
from the Kangra railway station.

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