Beautiful weekend trek in himachal

Beautiful weekend trek in himachal



Beas Kund, a mountainous lake at 12,000 feet (3700 m) is the source of the Beas River. Beas Kund is nestled behind several peaks like Shitidhar Peak, Friendship Peak, and others. It has a unique way to make people love nature. It is home to some of the most famous views in the region. The walkway allows pedestrians to take in the stunning landscape, majestic peaks, friendly people and the flowing waters. You should not miss out on the chance to see the Himalayas in all their glory during a visit to the Beas Kund.


What attracts the most attention?


You can choose from several options to make your trek to the majestic Himalayas more enjoyable. The Beas Kund Tour is a great option for anyone who wants to see natural wonders beyond the city limits. From the Solang Valley’s steep slopes to the Bakarthach and Dhundi plains, the natural beauty of Beas Kund is unsurpassed. It is accessible to everyone and easy to do. The trip is accessible to everyone regardless of age or prior knowledge.


Here’s a quick look at my trek to the Beas Kund. Sometimes it can be difficult to cope with life’s changing curves. It is time to paint the world with air color when you feel the need for something different and new. I found that a trip to Beas Kund was a great way to rekindle my passion.


It is always better to see something than hear it a thousand more times. My friends were singing praises to my experiences and I decided to go on a trip. I left my house eager to express my sympathy and raise my voice for her, and packed my bags. With this hope in my heart I made it to Dhundi, the first leg of my journey. We were taken aback by several sights as we drove together from Solang village towards Dhundi Road.

Beas River


It was an unforgettable experience to cross the Beas River and see the top ski resorts of India. Dhundi, surrounded by wildflowers and their incredible beauty, was a great camping spot for an overnight stay.


We set out from Dhundi, a mountain ramp that is 9,000 feet tall, the next day and headed towards Bakartach. Bakartach, which is located at 10,800 feet, is the highest point and literally means’shepherds field’. According to the guide, these are the most popular pastures for the Gadites nomadic nomad herd, which is sun-drenched and stormy. As we gazed at this magnificent photograph, we were stunned to see the sheep grazing in the pastoral scene.


From the Bakartach meadows, the trek was almost flat. The gradual route to the moraine and stray stones that led up the steep slope provided a gradual path. It was hard to climb from one rock to another until we reached a river, which led to a steep slope with steep slopes. We all felt tired during this time and needed to rest. It was like waking up in a dream, surrounded by the rhythm and music of nature. We stayed awake late at night because of our endless conversations, excitement, and desire to see more of the world.


We reached our final destination by climbing up Bhoj Patr the next morning. The director explained the history and significance of Beas Kund to us when we arrived. According to Sage Vyas (author of the epic Mahabharata), Sage Kund is believed to have meditated there. The Kund, a stone structure resembling an igloo, is protected by a sacred shrine. It is revered by devotees from all religions, particularly Hindus. It is sacred and offers breathtaking views of nearby mountains like Friendship, Ladakhi and Shitidhar.


Finding the valley between streams and waterfalls was the highlight of our trip. We decided to take photos of the stunning views after discovering the lake at 3,700 meters high. After a long, tiring journey, this lake shows the unadulterated beauty of nature. We decided to stop here before we returned.


Don’t let logic confuse you.


There are many ways to reach the first destination on your trip to Beas Kund. You can travel by rail, road or plane depending on your preference. The bus is the quickest way to reach Manali. This window provides a view of the world and is a microcosm of every journey you want to take to be closer to nature or to give up your desire to do so.


Bhuntar airport is the nearest airport to Manali. It is located approximately 50 km from Manali.


The closest railroad station is in Joginder Nagar. It is located at a distance approximately 166 km and connects several major cities in the country. Other convenient trains include Pathankot and Chandigarh.


Manali offers regular bus service between major cities of Northern India, such as Delhi, Ambala and Chandigarh.


Do not let bad times ruin your fun!


Mid-May to mid October is the best time to go on the Beas Kund Trek. The climate is still temperate at this time and it’s well worth the effort.


Beas Kund Trekking Tour Outstanding:


The amazing views from Deo Tibba Peak, Hanuman Tibba Peak and Indrasan are breathtaking

Solang offers serenity, comfort and peace.

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